The Banana Plant has rounded leaves resembling a small water lily and a cluster of thick banana-shaped roots.

Banana plant

(Nymphoides aquatica)

Lighting: Moderate
Temperature: 68-80°F
Tank Placement: Background

Relatively small,arrow-shaped leaves are generally pinkish to red and grow together in a very compact fashion. They are good plants for decorating midground aquarium areas.

Dwarf Aquarium Lily

(Nymphaea stellata)

Lighting: Moderate
Temperature: 71-83°F
Tank Placement: Midground

Known for its brilliant heart-shaped speckled leaves, Its unique and vibrant appearance makes it a popular choice.

Tiger Lotus (Red/Green)

(Nymphaea zenkeri)

Lighting: Moderate
Temperature: 71-86°F
Tank Placement: Foreground