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Looks like a small bunch of green bananas, with round reddish-green leaves.

Banana Lily

(Nymphoides aquatica)


Bog Bean
(Menyanthes trioliata)

Shiny smooth leaf surface are supportedunderneath by thrick spongy tissue. Lightgreen undersides show slightly for contrast.


(Limnobium spongia)

Diamond shaped red and green floating leaveswith tiny yellow flowers and yellow tufts about 1

Mosaic Plant

(Ludwigia sedioides)

Similar to regular salvinia but on steroids!  Each elongated leaf is about 2

Salvinia, Jumbo

(Salvinia oblongifolia)

Giant Botswana Wonder - Water Pea - Foliage closes slowly when touched. Hollow stems float on water, and has yellow flowers.

Sensitive Fern, Giant

(Aeschynomene fluitans)

Contracts at the slighest touch, has leaflets thatare opposite, growing on either side of the petiole,arranged to resemble dragonfly wings.
Pale-yellow fringed blooms with faintly variegated maroon & green leaves.
Lovely fringed white snowflake shaped flowers and round, lily-like leaves.
Flowers are crisp white with black stamens. Has a vanilla fragrance.
Pale yellow flowers over thick, shiny, dark green heart-shaped leaves.