One of the most profuse night-bloomers available. It blooms earlier in the season than othe varieties.

Emily Grant Hutchings

Bloom Size: 6-8''
Bloom Shape: Cup-shaped
Plant Spread: 6-7'
Petals Per Bloom: 20+

This large, showy pink lily has long, narrow pink petals with white streaks along the centers .

Mrs. George C. Hitchcock

Bloom Size: 10-20"
Bloom Shape: Platter
Plant Spread: 6-8'
Petals Per Bloom: 20

Pink-edged, star-shaped blooms with pale pink centers and greenish-bronze leaves.


Bloom Size: 6-10''
Bloom Shape: Stellate
Plant Spread: 5-8'
Petals Per Bloom: 18-22


Intense crimson, cup-shaped blooms and bronze leaves.


Bloom Size: 6-10''
Bloom Shape: Cup-shaped
Plant Spread: 5-7'
Petals Per Bloom: 30-36

One of the most stunning night-bloomers around, it has amazing color, a sunflower-like bloom and is free-flowering.

Jennifer Rebecca

Bloom Size:
Bloom Shape:
Plant Spread:
Petals Per Bloom:

Deep pink to red, star shaped blooms with maroon colored leaves. A strong bloomer!

Red Flare

Bloom Size: 6-10''
Bloom Shape: Stellate
Plant Spread: 5-6'
Petals Per Bloom: 18-20

Red Grower's Choice. Order by color and we'll pick out the best and brightest for you. Giving you a variation of the same color lilies.

Red Unnamed

Bloom Size: Random
Bloom Shape: Random
Plant Spread: Random
Petals Per Bloom: Random


Creamy white, star-shaped blooms with large, broad petals over mature green leaves and new leaves of copper-brown.

Missouri White

Bloom Size: 10-14''
Bloom Shape: Stellate
Plant Spread: 6-8'
Petals Per Bloom: 30

Showy lily with snow-white, patter-shaped blooms and lovely solid green leaves.

Trudy Slocum

Bloom Size: 6-8''
Bloom Shape: Platter
Plant Spread: 5-7'
Petals Per Bloom: 20-30

This attractive lily is a reliable bloomer with creamy white, star shaped flowers and emerald green leaves with brown mottling on the undersides.

Woods White Knight

Bloom Size: 8-10"
Bloom Shape: Stellate
Plant Spread: 7-10'
Petals Per Bloom: 28-30